All We Ever Wanted PDF Download

All We Ever Wanted PDF Download

By: Emily Giffin
Genre: Fiction & Literature, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-06-26


Loved the characters and drama of this story. Well built and gritty, I could tell you I know people just like them. I only gave four stars because I thought the author portrayed the older characters extremely well, but the teens were a bit less concrete .


I have been reading her books for years... amazing!! I love all her books.. can’t put them down!!


According to the author, rich people are not nice and those who are not wealthy can make fun of them. Let’s think about who does more philanthropically. There is also a 16 year old who has intercourse and is referred to in the book as a wonderful girl. I am thinking the author is leaning too much toward socialism. I did not enjoy this book.


All I ever wanted in a book! Love Emily Giffin books so much!


Nicely written, moves along quickly. Good story to read if you have or will soon have high school kids. Makes you think.


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Such a great read. So hard to put down. Didn’t want it to end.


This book is incredible. I randomly stumbled upon it when I was considering buy an iBook and it was SO worth it. It hits home to me in so many ways and I long to have a mother as good-hearted as nina browning.


I couldn’t wait to read another of Emily Giffin’s books and I certainly was not disappointed. I couldn’t put the book down. She takes you right to the core of the characters and what they are feeling. This book touches on a topic that is so prevalent in today’s world. Truly a remarkable book and story you will not want to miss.


Once again, Emily nails it and writes one more perfect book. The “worst” about a new book from Emily is that I get sooo happy and so sad at the same time, because I know I’ll finish reading in no time, and it’ll be over. “All We Ever Wanted” is a must read, not only for girls, but especially for any boy/man. I just wish it had at least double the pages. It definitely makes me hope for a sequel. Congratulations and THANK YOU, Emily Giffin!!! Keep up the amazing work presenting us with such amazing books, characters and stories.


Emily knocks it out of the park again!!


Another great read to add to her list of accomplishments. Very topical and relevant.