Knocked Up PDF Download

Knocked Up PDF Download

By: Stacey Lynn
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-06-12


Omg!! I loved everything about this book!! Knocked Up is a great read. I literally could not put it down!! I stayed up most of the night hoping to finish, not caring in the least that I had to be up only a few hours later!! Cara and Braxton have off the charts chemistry! Braxton is the bad boy-looking tattoo artist, but in actuality he is a sweet, caring man with the heart of gold. He may look tough but he fosters dogs in need. I’m other words, the sexiest man there could be!! I loved him so much! The way he is with Cara is so heart warming!! Cara, she’s a different story altogether. While I did like her character, at times, I felt like she was too stubborn. I know she had a right to stand her ground but she fought her attraction to Braxton a little too much. This was another great read by Stacey Lynn. I can’t wait to read what else she has in store for us!


This book is a must read! If you love romcom u will love this book. I could not put it down.


From beginning to end, I was completely sucked into Braxton and Cara's story! After meeting at their best friends' wedding, one wild night leads to some pretty big consequences for these two. Oops-baby books can be hit or miss for me but I absolutely loved this book. Watching Braxton and Cara try to navigate becoming parents while also getting to know each other was both hilarious and sometimes overwhelming. They come from completely different backgrounds and these differences made their budding relationship a minefield at times but it was so entertaining watching them grow. This book can be read completely separate from Fake Wife since there wasn't any overlap in the stories that I noticed but Fake Wife is just as fantastic as Knocked Up. I am really looking forward to seeing what comes next in this series!! *This is my voluntary review of an advanced reader copy*

Christine Miller28

I really enjoyed Braxton and Cara's accidental baby story. I loved how protective Braxton was over Cara from the first time she comes back into his life. I love how even when Cara has doubts, he waits her out and shows her how much she means to him as well as the baby. He wants them both in his life. There were times in the book where I felt like things moved quickly and parts were glossed over, but it was such a good story with great characters that really complimented each other nicely. I loved watching Braxton work with Cara and giving her the choice to be with him and move in with him. He didn't want to push anything since he wanted her to make those choices on her own. I loved the supporting characters in this story as well. They all played pivotal roles in Braxton and Cara's relationship. Such an unconventional family, but perfect for this group. I hope that Graham and Luca get a story!

~Mindy Lou~

I'm pretty sure I'm in love with Braxton. I loved that he looked like a tattoo bad boy but was big softie at heart. All he really wanted was a family of his own. With so many books where the Hero is afraid to commit, it's wonderful to find the ones who want the whole package. Braxton is the owner of several tattoo parlors. He had an addict for a mom and dad that never stuck around. He had a role model in his life that helped him grow into a better man than his parents or his background. Cara is the daughter of rich parents who don't see her and when they do, they expect perfection from her. It takes the death of Cara's brother to make her realize she will never be enough for them and to start living her life her way. Cara's a good heroine but I thought she was crazy for not jumping in feet first with Braxton. She was more of a level head and wanted to take things slow. As reasonable as that is, I still wish she let Braxton in more. This is one of my more favorite accidental pregnancy stories and that is all due to Braxton and how he handles the situation and Cara. I enjoyed seeing Jenna and Dan again and I would love to get Graham's story. ARC provided by NetGalley.

Kelly_BTC Blog

Undying, irrevocable, infatuated, obsessive LOVE for this book! I want more. I WANT MORE. I. NEED. MORE! Literally, the second I started reading Knocked Up, I knew, just absolutely KNEW, I was going to enjoy it. And by the end, I LOVED it. Fell head-over-heels in love with everything this love story had to offer. Accidental pregnancy, controlling parents, miscommunication, sexy tatted-up hunk of a heartthrob….yeah, you get the idea. And I’m just putting this out there so that EVERYONE knows….Braxton is MINE!! Now that that’s taken care of and we’re all on the same page, let’s continue with my review, shall we? Knocked Up was beautifully written with a plethora of emotions pouring from its pages. The character dynamic played out wonderfully, showcasing how two people who appear to be complete opposites, can undoubtedly change anyone perception of what a passionate and loving relationship truly is. Braxton and Cara clashed at the worst of times, but their willingness and desire to work through their issues together as a couple really solidified the strong connection that was established at the beginning of the story. The chemistry was red-hot, and although they may look like an unexpected couple on the outside, it’s the love that radiates from their hearts that assuredly makes this story charming and romantic. The author hooked me with Fake Wife, but she completely wrecked me with Knocked Up. This fantastically penned and memorable romance is sure to leave you hot under the collar, and incredibly anxious for the next book by the author. 5 Knock Out Stars!