War Storm PDF Download

War Storm PDF Download

By: Victoria Aveyard
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Relase Date: 2018-05-15


Just what we’ve been waiting for. Does not disappoint.


I read Red Queen a few months after it first came out. Ten I had to wait for Glass Sword. Then wait some more for what I thought was going to be the last book, King's Cage. Then wait ANOTHER year for War Storm. And I finished it within a few days. And let me say- you readers will NOT be disappointed! The finale to this AMAZING story is shocking and nobody will see it coming. Victoria Aveyard has crafted this series with creativity, skill, imagination, and grace. I love this series so much and I hope everyone else loves it as much as I do.

JustDoIt JustReadIt

I started this series a few months ago finished the first 3 books in one week. I loved Mare and her rough heroine character, but she falls short in this book. She really wasn’t a presence unless Cal was involved (and even that was hard to read through as they basically didn’t acknowledge each other for majority of the book). I found myself skipping most of the battle scenes because the over descriptions made them confusing or hard to follow and absolutely hated the ending. Too many questions left unresolved and it felt messy/rushed - not what I expected given the lead up of the first 3 books. It was a great YA series and I had high hopes for War Storm, but am left unsatisfied to say the least.


I enjoyed reading the book but the ending was somewhat predictable..... I didn’t got the satisfaction out of the ending, instead I got frustrated!


Mare Barrow, the Reds, the Silvers and the Royals of Norta are some of my all time favorite characters. I’ve loved each book and the writing is truly exceptional. I’ll miss the series but believe that this was the right ending at the right time. Thank you for such a beautiful story!


** This review will contain spoilers ** As many of you, I was so excited to read the final book of this series. However, once started, it went slower than I expected. I found myself getting sidetracked, not focused on the story, and ultimately bored. The ending was by far the most anti climactic ending I could have ever imagined. I wanted to read more details of Evangeline’s ending. I’d like to picture her and her brother and their spouses walking with a dark skinned Samos baby in tow. Or maybe Mare and Cal putting aside all this ridiculous unnecessary resentment and actually be happy. And be TOGETHER. But that’s not he case. I swear another book entirely could be written about the questions that have been left unanswered. I’m glad I read this on my phone, or I would have thrown my hard copy across the room.

Shelbie love this appppppp'

It wrapped up the series perfectly! Nothing like waiting months and months for a book and it fill every expectation I had. Mare Barrow and Cal hit the mark once again. Amazing read. Kept me on my toes.



disappointed, had higher hopes

It’s just so sad to see a book series you love so much, end so badly. The plot wasn’t very interesting and at some parts I was snoozing off. Mare didn’t seem like herself in this book, no heroic moments, just timid ones. What’s worse is how we never know if Mare and Cal ever get their happily ever after. I mean after 4 books we still don’t know if they are together. I feel the author tried to make it way too realistic and political with meaning of what’s happening right know, that it just took over the whole book. There were barely any parts of the book where I was really in to it. Sometimes I had to leave the book and come back to it because of boredom. To be honest I expected more. I’m very disappointed. 😫😭😖😤


I started the Red Queen series about a month ago. After I read the first 3 books in four days. Took me two days to read War storm. Even though War Storm didn't end exactly how I wanted it to, it was an awesome ending to an amazing series. These books are so good and I highly recommend the read. Very sad the journey is done.


This is just perfect. The ending shows just how strong Mare really is, not only her ability, but her will as well.


The realistic emotions and relationships have developed into the best part of the series but the plot is where I felt the book fell short. The plot was a meandering stream where all the fight/war scenes lost their charm because of their uniformity. I kept expecting Mare to pick herself up by her bootstraps and assert herself as our heroine but I found that she faded into the background of the conflict except where Cal was concerned (and after all we don’t want to read about boring people but extraordinary people who change the world around them). The complexity of emotions was rich and made each character intriguing, especially as they’ve changed through the series, but overall I expected something more climatic.