You Are a Badass® PDF Download

You Are a Badass® PDF Download

By: Jen Sincero
Genre: Self-Improvement, Health, Mind & Body
Relase Date: 2013-04-23


I love how she uses examples through out her life that I was able to easily relate to. It helped understand certain areas in my life that I’ve gone in circles about . Truly an easy and enjoyable read ... currently feeling great ... humbly surrendering to the universe and my greatness!!


This book really changed my life. I recommend it to everyone

Bored 3rd Shifter

This book was truly amazing. It took a minute because Im in school & it was on my phone. However, this book has changed my life like the secret & I cannot wait to give credit to it about my success. Truly well job!


I was skeptical after reading the sample but I’m so glad I read this book. It has changed my entire outlook on life. I feel so positive and free. My head is finally clear.


I stopped listening to the audio version of this book because it felt unoriginal and bland compared to other comparable books I've read/listened to in this genre. The message felt shallow and did not live up to the title. Spend your money elsewhere.


Absolutely loved it, excellent read!


Fabulous. An absolute must read for those who are in need of help, want help, or just want a good read.


This book is amazing! I have to go back and read it again because it had so much practical info! Love it!!


I needed this. Everything that was said acted as a catalyst for me to get ready to live this life I deserve.


This book seriously changed my life , brought me out of my funk, helped me truly see things in a different light . Everyone I’ve recommended this too has also loved it , as it was also recommended to me. If you feel lost or trapped in your life you’ve royally screwed up then this book is the answer . Written in a super uppidy tone , but honestly that’s what sets this book apart from the rest !


This book helped me understand so many things about life! It’s life changing and I’m going to read it again!